Jazz is Here!

Hair Strobel welcomes Stylist Jazz Fodale.

Experience: 20 years

Favorite thing about my job: I love getting to know so many people on a personal basis. Regular clients become friends, and I love being able to share in their lives. Hopefully I impart positive, happy energy that they carry with them the rest of the day. I want everyone to feel good about themselves!

Favorite service: While I’ve earned every bit of cockiness I have when it comes to cutting and coloring technique, what really sets me apart is my ability to listen and communicate. I can create the perfect style for you based on YOUR lifestyle, YOUR wants, YOUR needs, YOUR face-shape, YOUR hair texture. Whether you have specific ideas; or no idea at all, I’ll help you get there. If something isn’t working, I’m intelligent and experienced enough to explain why and what to do about it. You will know the cost and maintenance required for every service BEFORE we start. And you will never leave my chair not knowing what to with your hair when you get home.
Other hobbies/interests: My dogs and cats. My 120 yr. old Victorian house. Fantasy and science fiction books, movies, and tv. Karaoke. Crossword puzzles and Scrabble

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